Injuries and Ailments

Injuries and ailments can rob an individual of some part of their life.  This is true for physical and emotional and spiritual ailments and injuries.  A broken leg or a broken heart or a broken relationship, each of these are an injury or an ailment.  Each of these, and others, steal some portion of our lives and leave us left with less for ourselves.

Injuries sap our energy.  When a person has a physical ailment of some type or an injury or is recovering from surgery, the body’s healing of itself takes some energy.  The body triggers a fatigue response when muscles or bones are on the mend.  This leaves less energy for you.  A broken spirit can leave you just as fatigued.

These things also steal your attention, consume your waking hours and even haunt your dreams.  In the extreme, the entire focus of your life is directed toward not yourself but your ailment.  The longer this diversion persists, the more of your life that slips away, irretrievably, until “it” becomes your life, whatever “it” is.

Don’t let your injuries, your ailments, define you. Heal, move on, and live.

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