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You’ve probably often heard someone say (if only in the movies)

“It’s only business. Don’t take it personal.”

If it isn’t personal, it isn’t important. All the important things in life are personal.

That’s what this is all about.


Letter to Mom

I sat in a chair, the one without armrests, in Mom’s room, waiting for her to awaken.  Light spilled in from the hall and brightened the linoleum tiles near the doorway and lightened the darkness in her room.  Outside the window behind me, late afternoon had turned the November sky to a smudged sort of …

Not Today

Deanna’s eyelids sprang open. The ceiling of her bedroom still seemed dark so she closed them. She opened them again, halfway, just to check. Maybe not that dark; she could not tell. She kept them open to decide. She could not quite discern if morning had really started or not, so she turned her head …


The buzzing sound wakes him, but only slightly. He is curled up on his left side, lying on the sandy floor in the furthest recess of a cave. It is not so deep, less than twenty feet overall. The inside of the cave is cool and dark nonetheless, despite the hot tropical sun outside. His …